#1 Mississauga’s Special One Time Workshop | Toronto GTA’s Best Salsa Bachata Dance Classes

Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop | Salsa Men Shines / Footwork Styling Workshop | Spins, Dips & Tricks


1.5 hr workshops (90 min)

7-8:30pm Ladies styling boot camp!   

Tips on how to feel confident when you dance. Tips on why, how and when to style so you don’t miss a beat!

7-8:30pm Men Styling and Shines! 

Tips on how to look confident and impress the ladies on the dance floor

8:30-10pm Impressive SPINS & Dips! 

Spice up your dancing with some fancy spins and safe dips! Learn how to spin so you don’t get dizzy and loose your balance! Wow your partner with “leadable” tricks!

* One Workshop 90 min $35
* Both Workshops 3 hours $60 (Save $10)

This can be used while you dance any Latin Dance like Salsa Bachata Cha Cha Tango and more!

June 28 @ 03:05

3:05 am

– 6:05 am


895 Rangeview Rd, Mississauga