Salsa Beginners Classes Level 2 Mississauga

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Beginner Salsa Dance Level 2 | Best Latin Dancing Course | Toronto’s Popular Salsa Lessons

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Beginners Salsa Dance Course | Mississauga Salsa ON1 Classes | GTA’s Largest Salsa Dance Lessons

Beginner SALSA Classes Level 2

  • No partner required.
  • Everyone is welcome
  • Students who have completed Level 1 and already know the basic steps turns may join our level 2.
  • Students joining this course with previous knowledge are encouraged to book a quick assessment placement to ensure you join the correct level.

In this course you will learn to do travelling left and right turns using Cross Body Lead system, various combinations of turns and combos such as hammerlock, sombrero etc.

What is Latin Energy about?

We specialize in teaching Latin Dances such as SALSA, BACHATA, TANGO, MERENGUE, CHACHA & more.

We offer FUN and  affordable beginner to advanced group and private lessons.

We coach and train amateur to professional teams to perform and compete.

We offer entertainment for any occasion by our professional Latin Dancers.

We run a FUN and friendly dance party every month open to the public.

We teach in Mississauga and Etobicoke.


Why choose Latin Energy: 

  1. Most of our group dance classes are taught by 2 instructors, 1 male and 1 female
  2. Our teachers are qualified and certified, giving clear and concise instructions. 
  3. You don’t need a partner to join any of our classes. 
  4. Our group and private classes are very affordable.
  5. Our lessons are always even in ratio due our to volunteer system.
  6. We have full time teachers who are available all day.
  7. Our school has been awarded best school by 3 years in a row (2019-2017)
  8. Awarded “Best Dance Studio” voted online by Readers Choice Mississauga News .com Nov. 2019
  9. Latin Energy  received the “Hispanics Leaders Award” June 2019 and “School of Champions” award in 2017 & 2019
  10. In 2015 and 2014 Latin Energy dancers competed and won at the most prestigious Latin competition, the World Latin Dance Cup held in Florida. Latin Energy Dancers won 10 GOLD, 4 SILVER and 4 BRONZE MEDALS in Salsa On1, Salsa On2, Bachata, Kizomba, Shines and Argentine Tango.
  11. We are also very proud of having been part of the TORONTO PAN AM GAMES OPENING CEREMONY dance show with Cirque du Soleil on July 10, 2015 which was televised live all over the world.
  12. Latin Energy was founded in 2002 and continues to grow and deliver quality instruction and dance entertainment.

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Salsa Level 2

Salsa Level 2, *Repeat* Salsa 2


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  • Most registered classes there are no make-up, except for Salsa levels 1-2.
  • Students must let the instructor know in advance if they will miss a class.
  • There are no refunds or credit given for missed classes.
  • Drop-in classes are pay as you go.
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No you don’t need a partner! The majority of our students attend as singles. The class is structured where there are frequent partner rotations.
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We offer two types of classes: registered courses and drop-in classes.
The majority of our courses require registration.
For Drop-in classes you can call ahead and reserve your space but there are no guaranties unless you are registered.
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Did you find this FAQ helpful?
  • Private lessons can be taken in any style of dance with your instructor of choice.
  • They can be purchased by packages from 5 – 10 or even single lessons.
  • Semi privates are private lessons booked with 3 or more students.
  • We do our best to accommodate your schedule when booking.
  • Payment is required in full for all private lessons, when purchasing a package of 10 lessons, payment can be made in 2 instalments.
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Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Yes, you may register for you dance class in multiple ways:

  1. On-line paid in advance using Secure PayPal
  2. Preregister without pay, but will pay in person
  3. In person at the door before call(arrive 15-20 min before class)
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Any course termed “beginner” or “Level 1″is designed for those students who have little, or no training in that specific style of dance.
We recommend you start at these levels and progress to higher level classes the more comfortable you become.
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Latin Energy Birthday Club –

Is a very special and unique program. Design to encouraging our guests to enjoy more their special moments, and to create more memorable moments by sharing their birthdays with others.

All Latin Energy Birthday Club Subscribers will Benefit in the following:

  • *Free Dance Social Party Ticket(for the Birthday Person)
  • *Free Birthday Table reservation
  • Birthday Announcement at the Dance Social
  • Participate in our Famous Birthday Salsa Dance
  • Will receive *Free professional photos throughout the night
  • Latin Energy will honor a *Gift in an Exclusive 10% OFF Birthday discount (receive an exclusive offers valid during the month of your birth)

*Latin Energy reserve the rights to change these terms and conditions at any time, some restrictions may apply

Other Related Exclusive Birthday Club Questions

Can I bring a cake?: Yes!!!

Guest but you are welcome to bring your own in addition. In either case, we can provide a candle for the birthday girl or boy to blow out.


We recommend telling guests to arrive at 8:45 PM. This will give your group time to enjoy few drinks, before our complementary Salsa or Bachata lesson begins at 9:00 PM. The salsa lesson finishes up at about 10:00PM and the party dance floor stage soon after.

Do I need a Birthday Dance Partner?: No

You don’t need a partner for the dance lesson or your birthday dance.

We dance very special Birthday dance, 1st we all form a large circle around the birthday person depending gender(Boy or Girl) opposite gender is rotating clockwise around, every body taking turns to dancing with him/her, It’s a special way to express your birthday wish and share it with the crowd and get everyone in a party mood. *If there are multiple birthdays we form 3 circles etc.

How do I Join Exclusive Latin Energy Birthday Club?

Simply by subscribing and submitting a form bellow, right now


Subscribe to Exclusive Birthday Club

* indicates required


( mm / dd )

View previous campaigns.


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  • Depending on our location, we limit the size of the class.
  • We aim for quality not quantity.
  • Depending on the course, we limit the class size to provide the students in the class with the best instruction possible.
  • We offer kids lessons, ranging from 5-12, Teen lessons from 13-18 and adults 19 and up.
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  • You can wear anything, from jeans to business wear, to evening wear.
  • Generally, workout/yoga wear is good for any of our fitness classes.
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WLDC Stands for =>World Latin Dance Cup

World Latin Dance Cup Rules in English or El Espaniol


Category: What is WLDC?
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  1. We accept Cash, all major Credit Cards or Cheque in person.
  2. You may pay online with PayPal or a credit card over the phone.
  3. Pre – Registration is required for the group classes.
  4. Payment can be made in advance on our website or in person on your first class.
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  • Salsa (Latin) shoes for ladies, heels with a strap around the ankle are preferred unless you never wear heels.
  • Then a smooth soled shoe for men and women will do.
  • Jazz shoes or dance sneakers are also an option for those who like comfortable flat shoes.
  • No flip-flop sandals, or thick rubber soled shoes as these shoes can cause injury.
  • We sell quality Ballroom/Latin dance shoes for an affordable price.
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