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Beginners Salsa Lessons |  Intermediate Salsa Lessons | Advanced Salsa Lessons | Specialty Group Dance Workshops

Latin Energy Dance Company was established in 2002, and today we are World wide recognized Salsa Bachata dance company. We have received many recognized salsa dance AWARDS including  ” 2017 Toronto Best Salsa Dance School”. In 2015 Toronto Salsa Latin Energy represented Canada at Pan Am Games open/close ceremony, since 2010 2e brought back home  11 GOLD, 3  SILVER and 3 BRONZE MEDALS in L.A Salsa  Style ON1 & NYC Style ON2, Dominican and Sensual Bachata Style , Salsa Team, Bachata Team, Kizomba, Man Shines, Ladies solo and more. We bring back ot Toronto Salsa home our best live experience to share in Toronto Beginners Salsa Lessons, Intermediate Salsa Lessons. Advanced Salsa Lessons.[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”Beginners Salsa Dance Lessons” color=”blue”][vc_btn title=”Intermediate Salsa Dance Lessons” color=”blue”][vc_btn title=”Advanced Salsa Dance Lessons” color=”blue”][vc_btn title=”Students Salsa Performance Class” color=”blue”][vc_btn title=”Salsa Dance Show Team” color=”blue”][vc_btn title=”Sexy Ladies Dance Team” color=”blue”][vc_btn title=”Salsa Competition Team” color=”blue”][vc_btn title=”Semi-Pro Dance Team” color=”blue”][vc_column_text]

Ultimate Toronto Salsa Dance School | Popular Salsa Dance Lessons | Mega Salsa Style Workshop Classes


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L.A  Salsa Style On1 | NYC Salsa Style On2 |  Cuban Casino Rueda | Styling | Sines & Body Movement | Spinning Technique

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LA Salsa On1 Style

  • L.A Style – Int/Adv
  • L.A Style Combo – Beg/Int
  • L.A Style Patterns – Beg/Int
  • L.A Style Spin Combo – Int/Adv

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New York On2 Style

  • NYC Footwork Challenge – All Levels
  • NYC Footwork Challenge – Int/Adv
  • NYC Intricate Combo – Beg/Int
  • NYC Combo – Int/Adv   
  • NYC Turn Pattern – Beg/Int
  • NYC Style Footwork & Dance – Int/Adv

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Salsa Dance Specialty Classes

  • Intricate NY Patterns On2 – All Levels
  • Intricate Turn Patterns – All Levels
  • Salsa with Lifts & Tricks – All Levels
  • Dips & Tricks To Impress – All Levels
  • Salsa Elegance in Partnerwork – All Levels
  • Styling thru Pattern s- All Levels
  • Lead & Follow – Int/Adv

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Salsa Ladies Styling

  • Salsa Mega Styling – All Levels
  • Ladies Styling – All Levels
  • Sexy Salsa Ladies Styling – All Levels
  • Sexy Salsa Ladies Styling Footwork – All Levels

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  • Funky Shines/Footwork
  • Cool Footwork
  • Footwork Challenge
  • Footwork & Dance Salsa

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Body Movement Techniques

  • Afro Body Movements – Beg/Int
  • Spinning Technique – Beg/Int
  • Latin Fusion Body Movement – Beg/Int

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