Bachata Ladies Styling

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Ladies 101 Movement | Salsa & Bachata HIPS | Body Isolation | Technique | Styling | Spinning


Ladies!  This is a “Must Course” for all ladies who wish to dance Bachata.  

1. Learn 4 ways to move your Hips: Learning how to move the Hips (as if you were Latina) it’s not that easy, it takes practice and someone who can break down the movement in an easy way.  Everyone can do it!

2. Learn How to Isolate the Body: Being in control of each part of your body movement, make it more enjoyable and visually appealing.

3. Learn How to Position Legs and Feet:  Knowing the proper way to position your feet, give you better balance and allows you to look 10 times better when you dance!

4. Learn How to Spin: Anyone can spin, but not everyone can spin easily, fast while spotting and not getting dizzy.  Let us know how to spin properly for maximum balance and speed.

5. Arm and Hand Styling: Adding styling to your dancing allows you to look feminine and sexy while making it more fun to dance!  Learn easy drills to make your am and hand movements very graceful.

  • BACHATA level 1 required to join this course.
  • The earlier you take it the better! No bad habits.
  • Students interested in joining this course need to register in advance.

This course is also available through private lessons.  Contact us to book your private here >


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